Eurocargo 4x4: designed for land:

Off-road driving characteristics
The new Eurocargo 4x4 truck with a choice of bed and sleeper cabs is equipped with front drawbar (as standard) and special for off-road driving: steel bumpers, headlight grilles, radiator protection and two retractable access steps. 11.5 to 15 tons AYA and wheelbase 3240 to 4150 mm with continuous four-wheel drive. Available in parabolic or semi-elliptical scissor suspension and rear single or rear twin tires.
The Iveco Tector 7 engines are available in 220, 250 to 280 Hp with 6-speed manual gearboxes. The gearbox can be fitted with a power take-off.
The new Eurocargo 4x4 truck is also available with automatic transmission. Two speed transfer boxes provide traction to the front and rear shafts.
The vehicles are equipped with dual differential locks to ensure traction on all surfaces. Electro-pneumatic system, vehicle 25 km / h. speed, the locks are automatically deactivated.
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