SULTAN MAXİ with 31 + 1 + 1 passenger capacity is here with its high engine power and richer accessories! SULTAN MAXI will offer high power and comfort to both you and your passengers. The SULTAN MAXI is now even more powerful with 129 kW engine power, 682 Nm torque and superior traction performance.
Modern design torpedoes, instrument panel, adjustable ergonomic steering system, heated horn type mirrors with internal control, the comfort of the driver, reclining and can be opened to the side comfortable passenger seats, soft velvet fabric and leather headrest passenger seat upholstery, powerful air conditioning, spacious interior space and illumination feature and carpet coverings ensure that passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey.
SULTAN MAXI, which is produced for tourism sector, has LCD screen and special equipment such as DVD player, refrigerator, hostess seat and microphone system as standard.
The SULTAN MAXI offers a high volume of luggage while providing a pleasant journey with its flat and wide passenger corridor, wide seat spacing. SULTAN MAXI offers the highest level of safety, ABS, ESC braking system, front and rear disc brakes with the possibility of safe braking, class-leading front track distance and improved handling and driving performance. The seat belt on all seats offers more safety for the SULTAN MAXI users.
LDWS (Lane Violation Warning System), which is activated by Euro 6 regulation, activates visually or audibly to the driver when the vehicle leaves the lane involuntarily, and thus reacts to the driver and enables the vehicle to follow the lane again.
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