Sultan Comfort, which attracts attention with its low operating expenses, superior performance and durability and has a passenger capacity of 29 + 1 people, is now ready for both tourism, students and personnel transportation with its new features.​


Sultan Comfort, which has been renewed in line with user requests and needs, raises the comfort bar. With its luxurious armchairs, armpit refrigerator, announcement system, LCD screen, DVD and powerful air conditioner, Sultan Comfort continues to provide its users in tourism transportation. Sultan Comfort, which has been renewed to provide a comfortable travel opportunity to its passengers at any distance, prevents condensation and heat loss with its optional double glazing; it also provides a unique passenger comfort by preventing outside noise from entering.

With its new design torpedo, instrument panel, adjustable ergonomic steering system, internally controlled heated horn type mirrors, comfortable passenger seats which can be reclined and folded sideways, passenger seat upholstery with soft velvet fabric and leather headrest, spacious interior space and uninterrupted With its lighting feature and carpet covering, it provides passengers a pleasant journey.


Offering comfort and high level of security with a single vehicle, Sultan Comfort is the new favorite of student transportation thanks to its 3-point and adjustable seat belt option.


Passenger capacity has been increased to 29 + 1 and Sultan Comfort has become an ideal means of carrying personnel, although the number of seats has increased. Redefining comfort in personnel transport.


SULTAN COMFORT's 107 kW and 632 Nm engine offers superior performance in all kinds of road conditions and protects the user's budget with its environmentally friendly EURO 6 emission value. SULTAN COMFORT, which is powerful on the ramp with its skimpy fuel, 6 speed gear system, draws attention with its exterior and interior design. SULTAN COMFORT amazes those who say 'comfort and economy will be together'.

SULTAN COMFORT also has a high level of security. The Sultan Brake System (AEBS) offers standard braking with front and rear disc brakes as standard, while enhancing handling and driving performance with the widest front track in its class.

LDWS (Lane Violation Warning System), the vehicle lane involuntarily in situations where the driver enters the visual or audible warnings and thus reacts to the driver by letting the vehicle to follow the lane again.

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