Designed for personnel and service transportation, the SULTAN S delivers superior performance in all road conditions with its 107 kW engine and offers low operating costs thanks to its EURO 6 environmentally friendly engine. SULTAN S, which is powerful on the ramp with its skimpy fuel, 6 speed gear system, draws attention with its exterior and interior design. While the comfort of the driver is considered with its new design torpedo, instrument panel and ergonomic steering system, comfortable passenger seats, powerful air conditioning, spacious interior space and uninterrupted lighting feature ensure that passengers can enjoy the journey. The SULTAN S with its high level of safety, the ABS braking system and the front and rear disc brakes ensure safe braking, the widest front track in its class, for improved handling and driving performance. LDWS (Lane Violation Warning System), which is activated by Euro 6 regulation, activates the driver visually or audibly in cases where the vehicle leaves the lane involuntarily and thus reacts to the driver and enables the vehicle to follow the lane again. SULTAN S offers you and your passengers more safety. SULTAN is the most preferred model by the users in the 27-29 seat small bus segment in recent years and is the market leader.

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