Sultan MEGA VIP, specially designed for the transfer and travel of private VIP customers such as tourism and short distance, is offered in 2 + 1 seat arrangement and 25 + 1 + 1 seat placement in total.

Sultan MEGA VIP improves the travel comfort of the passengers while providing the owner with low operating costs and low fuel consumption.

All the materials used in the luggage compartment, from the special wooden flooring, the floor covering, the specially designed passenger seat, the pleated curtain, the ceiling lighting to the driver's cockpit, are produced in VIP quality and comfort.

The color-matched materials used in the passenger compartment of Sultan MEGA VIP are designed in harmony and unobtrusive inside the vehicle.

Stylish passenger seats with special design leather and fabric combination, with wide knee and shoulder distance, increase the comfort of the passengers and allow your passengers to enjoy their journey.

With high roof height, spacious passenger living space, flat podium-free floor and wide side and windshields that increase visibility, the journeys are made in VIP comfort. With its powerful air conditioner and homogeneous heating system, the comfort of the journey is completed to the highest level in all weather conditions, whether summer or winter.

SULTAN MEGA VIP, air suspension and 3-point seat belt as well as the driver's seat with a special material design is also eye-catching. Our captains also benefit from VIP privilege with black wood veneer used in the console space, leather and black wood material combination used in steering and gear levers. Standard features in the car, such as a rear view camera, navigation system, MP3 player, can be easily operated with the touch screen in the driver's seat.

With its powerful engine and high climbing ability, Sultan MEGA VIP is unrivaled on the ramps, making a difference in power and performance.

The Sultan MEGA VIP, which is also eye-catching with its safety equipment, provides safe deceleration of the exhaust brakes, front and rear disc brakes, ABS, ESC and full air brake system for a secure stop. In addition, the SULTAN MEGA VIP offers extra safety with a reversing warning sound and a reversing camera.

LDWS (Lane Violation Warning System), which is activated by Euro 6 regulation, activates visually or audible warnings to the driver when the vehicle leaves the lane involuntarily.
AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System), another safety technology introduced with Euro 6, keeps the driver's behavior under constant observation by calculating the distance and speed difference between the following vehicle and the vehicle followed in the flowing traffic environment. According to the possible collision scenarios, the system warns the driver with sound and visually, tries to prevent the collision by activating the brakes if it calculates that the collision is likely to occur and works to reduce the severity of the collision if the collision is unavoidable.

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