Otokar's new city bus Sultan LF, new design, stylish and modern appearance brings a new breath to the city passenger transport.

Sultan LF is a modern solution for crowded and narrow cities with its 8.3 m length, high torque obtained at low speeds (632 Nm), knitted chassis, wide front and rear door and full low floor body structure.

Sultan LF, high engine power and light body structure with power and economy offers. With its high torque value, it ramps easily. It has a disabled passenger ramp and the only fully low-bottom design of its class in this length.

Sultan LF allows passengers to travel in comfort with its high passenger capacity, wide passenger area and different seating options.

Sultan LF makes the drivers smile with its special driver zone separated from passengers, joystick gear and comfortable driving.

Sultan LF'de air conditioning, camera and recording systems, digital line signs, such as the rich equipment is standard.

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