35 + 1 + 1 passenger capacity SULTAN MEGA, high engine power and richer accessories attract attention. SULTAN MEGA offers high power and comfort to both its users and passengers, especially the sultan of long roads. SULTAN MEGA is very powerful with 129kW engine power, 682 Nm torque and superior traction performance.

Modern design torpedoes, instrument panel, adjustable ergonomic steering system, internally controlled horn-type mirrors and air rear suspension with the driver's comfort in mind, reclining and tilting comfortable passenger seats, soft velvet fabric and leather headrest passenger seat upholstery, strong With its air conditioner, spacious interior area and uninterrupted lighting feature and carpet covering, it also provides passengers a pleasant journey.

SULTAN MEGA is produced with special equipment especially for tourism sector and offers these features as standard in the vehicle. SULTAN MEGA is ready to serve the tourism sector with LCD screen and DVD player, CD, MP3 player, refrigerator, hostess seat and microphone system as standard.

In the SULTAN MEGA, the flat and wide passenger corridor offers a pleasant journey to your passengers with its wide seat spacing, and attracts attention with its high luggage volume.

SULTAN MEGA security is at the highest level. ABS and ESC braking system, front and rear disc brakes provide safe braking, while the class's largest front track distance and improved handling and driving performance. With a seat belt on all seats, SULTAN MEGA offers you and your passengers more safety.

LDWS (Lane Infringement Warning System), which is activated by Euro 6 regulation, activates the vehicle visually or audibly in cases where the vehicle leaves the lane involuntarily and thus enables the driver to follow the lane again by reacting to it.

AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System), another safety technology introduced with Euro 6, keeps the driver's behavior under constant observation by calculating the distance and speed difference between the tracked vehicle and the tracked vehicle in a flowing traffic environment. According to the possible collision scenarios, the system warns the driver with sound and visually, tries to prevent the collision by applying the brakes if it calculates that the collision is likely to occur and works to reduce the severity of the collision if the collision is unavoidable.

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