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Public Transport Vehicles

Otokar public transport vehicles KENT, DORUK and SULTAN series 2-year unlimited mileage, commercial and professional purposes used in the M-2010 series 1-year unlimited mileage warranty applies. This application allows them to have the breakdown caused by all kinds of materials, labor, installation errors (fabrication / production error) free of charge as long as they have periodical maintenance of their vehicles at specified intervals and regularly.

Otokar brand vehicle, Otokar Authorized Service periodic maintenance and checks you will have your vehicle trouble-free, safe and will provide you with the maximum benefit from the benefits of the vehicle warranty.

Original Otokar parts are manufactured with high level technology and engineering knowledge. These parts used in Otokar Authorized After-sales Service Centers undergo quality control procedures from production to assembly of the vehicle.

More importantly, the use of genuine Otokar spare parts in your vehicle, both during and outside the warranty period, will ensure the highest efficiency of your vehicle.

In addition to the aforementioned information, all kinds of maintenance and repairs to your vehicle in our Authorized Service Centers are carried out by trained technicians with special tools and equipment.

Trailer, Semi-Trailer Warranty

The warranty period for trailers, semi-trailers is 2 years from the date of sale of vehicles purchased and used for commercial and professional purposes. There is no km limit.

Warranty; In the event of failure of the vehicle due to material, workmanship, assembly errors (fabrication errors) within the warranty period, it shall be repaired at the authorized dealers of OTOKAR trailer without the cost of labor and replacement parts. First maintenance and subsequent periodical maintenance, Otokar-Fruehauf Series Vehicle Identification and Instruction Manual must be followed.

Axles and suspension equipment used in our trailers, semi-trailers are BPW, Gigant or SAF brand. The warranty terms of these brands carry out long-term warranties on some parts of all parts if they are carried out by OTOKAR, SAF or BPW authorized service centers and have their maintenance records recorded in the Warranty and Service Documents. All parts that are worn during the warranty period (including lining, drum, shock absorber, disc, disc brake pad, etc.) must be original.

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