İzmit Otokar Authorized Service

Gaziantepli Kardeşler was established in 1977 and serves as the dealer and service of the Iveco and Otokar brands. The Gaziantep brothers’ facilities are 2 in Izmit and Gebze. It serves with a daily capacity of 150 vehicles. Working with an expert and professional team, Gaziantepli Kardeşler company has become one of the brands that make a name for the sector in terms of Izmit Otokar authorized service.

Both Maintenance – Repair and Sales Services

The company also has a service department. In other words, the company also serves as an authorized service company of Izmit Otokar. The services provided in this service section are:

Maintenance and repair.

Tie rod and balance settings.

Rim correction.

Oil change.

Damage repair.

In addition to these numbers, all kinds of service needs of all kinds of vehicles are met in Gaziantep Kardeşler. If you also buy an Iveco or Otokar branded vehicle or own an Otokar or Iveco branded vehicle, you can choose Gaziantepli Kardeşler, which provides service for Izmit Otokar authorized service, to meet the service needs of your vehicle.

Gaziantepli Kardeşler provides all sales and after sales services. The company always prioritizes customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why it has grown up to this day. Having made great progress in the sector, Gaziantepli Kardeşler continues its journey towards the leadership of the market.

Gaziantepli Kardeşler has succeeded in gaining a good place in the sector with its services and quality customer feedback. At the same time, it continues its services by strengthening this place it has acquired in the sector.

What Tools and Services Does Gaziantepli Brothers Offer?

We can list the tools and services offered by Gaziantepli Kardeşler as follows:

Iveco Road Vehicles: Daily Panel Van, Daily Chassis Van, Daily Hi-Matic, Blue Power, Eurocargo.

Iveco Off-Road Vehicles: Eurocargo 4×4, Daily 4×4.

Otokar Otobüs: Sultan LF, Sultan City, Sultan S, Sultan Comfort, Sultan Maxi, Sultan Mega, Sultan Maxi Engelsiz, Sultan Mega VIP, Doruk LE, Doruk T, Poyraz, Kent U, Doruk Electra, Kent CNG, Doruk CNG, Kent LF CNG Körüklü, Kent Electra.

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